diy dried flower wall hanging

i posted a pic of this dried flower wall hanging on instagram a few weeks ago and you guys seemed to really looove it and wanted me to make you one. well as much as i would love to make you all one, i have no idea how i would ship these. they are soooo fragile because dried flowers. so i thought i would do the next best thing and show you how i made mine. its super easy

1. so first things first you need some flowers to dry out. these are just a cheap  bouquet from the grocery store so really whatever works

2. there are a lot of different ways to dry out flowers but what i do (idk if this is right) is just take them all out and lay them in a box. they take about a week to totally dry out so put them somwhere that won't be in the way and won't be found by little hands.  they are MESSY 

3. while you wait for you flowers to dry you need to find a stick or pole of some kind to hang them on. im sure you could buy one from the craft store but i literally just took one off a tree in my backyard. (i thought the tree was dead but it was not and it was soooo hard to get it off so i recommend a dead tree) 

5. now that your flowers are dry, cut some string (i used twine) at different lengths and tie your flowers on. try to tie them on at various places so that all of your flowers aren't hanging in the same places. i tied my strings to the branch first and  then tied on the flowers so i could see where they would hang but either way will work great

6. add some other random stuff (if you want) like a dried flower crown and some ribbon from @honeysilkandco and you are done! super easy. 


please let me know if you have any questions or need anymore help :) and if you make one i would love to see it!

xo - madi b

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