valentines day gift guide

if you are anything like my husband (or me) you haven't started thinking about valentines day presents for your special someone at all yet (its in like 2 weeks people) so i am going to be helpful and give you 5 PERFECT ideas for your gals vday present 

1. Custom quote of her fav love quote (click underlined words for direct link to purchase)

2.  a painting of her fav temple 

3. A custom painted family portrait of you and her or your whole fam, or just you, or just her. whatever you are feeling :) 

4. either one of my 2017 calendars (these have been my best sellers ever so it is pretty fool proof)

5. last but not least! any girl would love a box from @galentinesdaycollaborative (check them out on instagram) or purchase them here. there are 2 amazing boxes being sold right now that are FULL of awesome products from a bunch of my fav makers and include a set of galentines cards from me :)

if you aren't sure which one your valentines would loooove; message me and i will help you out :) 

valentines day promo code: "vday17" :):) for 25% off your purchase

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